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Alexander Spinos

Alexander Spinos

Robotics Researcher, PhD Candidate

I am a robotics research scientist at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. Read more about me.

Before joining APL, I got my PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, working with Professor Mark Yim in the Modlab group within GRASP. My research centered around the Variable Topology Truss (VTT), a modular self-reconfigurable parallel robot. My interests and experiences include leading research projects, designing novel mechanisms and robot hardware, writing software for analyzing and controlling robots, and leveraging techniques from graph theory and knot theory to accelerate robot motion planning.


Variable Topology Truss Overview
A quick overview of the VTT robot. Read this first.
VTT Locomotion Video
VTT goes for a walk.
Topological Reconfiguration Planning for a Variable Topology Truss
An article about topological reconfiguration planning for VTT.
A Linking Invariant for Truss Robot Motion Planning
An article about my geometric motion planning technique for truss robots.
A Linking Invariant for Truss Robot Motion Planning - ICRA 2022 Presentation
The video presentation accompanying this paper.
JHU Design, Build, Fly
Some pictures from the JHU DBF club.